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  • WRAL honors State Rep. MaryAnn Black, her enduring legacy, and her connection to Duke Health and working with Dr. Snyderman.
  • Watch Dr. Snyderman’s talk at the Demy Colton virtual salon discussing The Future of Healthcare: Innovation, Change and Urgency
  • We welcome our new director, Christie Clipper, DHA and congratulate Dr. Snyderman on his new role as executive director.


Ralph Snyderman, M.D.

Ralph Snyderman, M.D., Director

The concept of Personalized Health Care began in the late 1990s during my tenure as Chancellor for Health Affairs at Duke University and President and CEO of the Duke University Health System. It became apparent that despite miraculous advances in science and technology, the focus of medical care was on treating events of established disease. Though effective in limiting further disease progression, this approach did little to limit preventable chronic disease, which accounts for nearly three quarters of health care expenditures. Thus, the concept of Personalized Health Care began to develop. Upon stepping down as Chancellor and head of the Duke University Health System, I remained committed to the advancement of Personalized Health Care. The Center was created to provide a platform for encouraging and participating in research directed toward developing better models of care; care both prospective and personalized. Read more about Dr. Snyderman.


The Center actively engages in research to investigate the application of principles of Personalized Health Care into clinical practice. We seek to develop tools that support the practice of Personalized Health Care and to establish the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of personalized models of care.