About Us

The Duke Center for Personalized Health Care focuses the resources of academic medicine toward developing the practical tools and expertise needed to bring personalized care into clinical application. To achieve its goals, the Center conducts and stimulates research in clinical applications of Personalized Health Care in an ethical manner which will be of greatest benefit to patients. Additionally, the Center functions as a think tank for students, clinicians, researchers, patients, scholars, policymakers, administrators, payers, and other health care stakeholders to contribute to and learn about significant personalized health care issues and further publish relevant content. The Center’s dual role as translational medicine propagator and think tank function in unison to help transfer the practice of medicine to a personalized, predictive, preventative, and participatory model, and thus improve the health of the nation.

Please visit Personalized Health Care for a more in-depth description of the personalized care approach.

Dr. Ralph Snyderman, director of the Center, provides an explanation of the origin of personalized care below.