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Ralph Snyderman on the Progress of Personalized Medicine

Dr. Ralph Snyderman presents his thoughts on personalized medicine and its progress in the last 15 years in his guest blog post “Personalized Medicine: Then, Now and Coming Soon” on the Personalized Medicine Coalition’s blog, Education & Advocacy. To read

Providing for Our Protectors: Veterans and Preventive Health Care

More than two million Americans have served in the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan since October, 2001, the month after 9/11. The government has the duty to take care of its heroes once they return home, thus the Department

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Mental Illness: Preventing the Brain Games

The Affordable Care Act incentivizes prevention, which is the process of identifying and remedying a disease before it occurs. With well-known diseases such as coronary artery disease, which costs the United States about $43 billion per year, there are well-established

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An Engagement Regimen for Medication Adherence

Drug spending in the United States is astronomical, and Americans are noticing. According to a Kaiser Health Tracking Poll for August of 2015, while 62% of Americans concede that prescription drugs developed in the past 20 years have improved peoples’

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Ambulance Diversions and ER Overcrowding: Could Primary Prevention Be The Solution?

*Wwwweeeeeooohhhh!* You hear the sirens and pull over as the ambulance speeds by, knowing that in some small way you just helped save a life. But is that really the case? The delivery of a patient into emergency care does

Let’s Make Decision Aids More Personal

Shared decision making is a popular concept in the world of patient engagement and personalized health care. It involves a collaborative conversation between patient and provider which allows the patient to make informed treatment decisions based on their needs, desires,

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Can Mindfulness Techniques Help Health Practitioners, Too?

From employer-sponsored mindfulness exercises to applications on mobile phones, the practice of mindfulness has been popularized as a method for reducing stress and focusing the mind in everyday life. “Mindfulness” is a mental state arising from training the mind to

Personalizing Feedback

In most doctors’ appointments, patients are given feedback on their health status, recommendations to improve their health, or both by their physician. Provision of feedback and recommendations are opportunities for physicians to foster patient engagement and cement patient adherence to

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The Rising Importance of Electronic Health Records

Recently, electronic health records have come to the forefront of medical reforms. Electronic health records (EHRs) are a digital version of a patient’s medical history that organizes relevant clinical data in real-time to organize and improve the quality of care.

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2015 NAPCRG Practice Based Research Networks Conference

The North American Primary Care Research Group held its Practice Based Research Networks Conference on June 28-30th in Bethesda, Maryland. The conference, which brought together primary care providers, clinical researchers, and patient and community advocates, was centered on engagement of

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