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Health care reform and the deficit – it’s about more than dollars and cents

As Congress hashes out the details of the budget deal made late last Friday night, my husband and I are hashing out some of our own financials from my son’s hospitalization six weeks ago. It’s quite timely, considering select lawmakers’

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Your cancer treatment decisions aren’t about you – but they should be

By Michaela Dinan and Leigh Ann Simmons There’s been a lot of discussion about the role of the patient in health care decision-making. Yesterday, results from a study of Medicare patients showed where you live and which doctor you see influences whether

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Why Matthew Herper has it wrong

In his column today, Matthew Herper brings up an important issue in personalized medicine. Namely, pharmaceutical companies need to proceed with caution as they pursue research, development, and sales of drugs tailored to “niche populations,” or those for whom the

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All the tests in the world don’t mean much without a plan

I recently spoke to a representative from the Indian Health Service about “personalized medicine” in federal initiatives. Of particular note, I mentioned during the course of our conversation that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act includes two stipulations for

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