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Electronic Health Records and Prospective Health Care

Last week Don Berwick announced his resignation as Administrator of CMS. In his parting speech, Dr. Berwick listed his top 5 reasons as to why there is so much waste in the US health care system. These five reasons were

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On-the-job health care clinics – the near future of Prospective Health Care?

A recent story in the Washing Post reported that an increasing number of employers are starting to implement on-the-job primary care clinics for their employees. These clinics typically offer free or inexpensive primary care onsite for employees during work hours,

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False competition: an obstacle for prospective healthcare

By Sanjay Kishore This past week I traveled to DC with 10 other undergrads passionate about health policy. During my visit I had the intriguing experience of visiting Housing Works, a prominent homelessness and HIV/AIDS advocacy organization famous for its

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The Future of Health Care Intelligence and Personalized Healthcare

Last Wednesday, Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and the Duke Center for Health Informatics hosted the second annual informatics conference on “Business Intelligence in the Health Care Age.” The conference hosted a number of high profile members of academia and

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In Physicians we Trust

An article on a new physician trust measure in the recent issue of Annals of Family Medicine sparked some interesting commentary from Jessie Gruman. She challenged the idea of whether this was a measure of physician “trust” or good old-fashioned

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P4 Medicine – How do we get from current practice to future progress?

In the current issue of Nature Reviews in Clinical Oncology, Stephen Friend and Leroy Hood – the man who first described predictive, personalized, preventive, and participatory medicine as “P4 medicine” emphasize that clinical trials of the future will need to

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A Cancer Patient’s Plea for Personalized Medicine

A compelling piece was published in Forbes Magazine recently. Adriana Jenkins, who passed away this month, writes from the perspective of a dying cancer patient to advocate for the passing of a law to encourage drug makers to developed Personalized

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Personalized health records promote horizontal integration within ACOs

ACOs, or Accountable Care Organizations, continue to be a hot discussion topic in health care reform. In the current issue of JAMA, Duke’s own Barak Richman and Kevin Schulman provide a unique business perspective on the implementation of ACOs. One

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Controversy over reform – what’s the deal?

By Sanjay Kishore: While healthcare has already become a firestorm of controversy for the Obama Administration, the President’s recent reform bill received another blow this past week – once again, from the courts. As reported by the New York Times

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Health Affairs Special Issue on ACOs

This month’s issue of the health care journal Health Affairs was a special issue dedicated to the discussion of Accountable Care Organizations, also known as ACOs. The issue describes a number of exciting changes in approaches to health care being

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