Opportunities at the Center

Consulting Services

The health care industry is increasingly looking to shift from the current one-size-fits-all generic approach to medicine and care to a more personalized, patient-centered approach, tailored to each individual and their health needs. This can be a difficult transition for most health systems, requiring large systematic changes in operation and the implementation of services.

Throughout the expansion of this method of care, the Duke Center for Personalized Health Care remains dedicated to improving the implementation of these personalized models of care. The Center is a leader in the field of personalized health care and has extensive experience in designing and implementing personalized models of care in health systems. If you are in the field of health administration and are seeking to develop a comprehensive personalized approach within your health system, consultation services are available from the Center.

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Collaboration Opportunities

The Center offers the opportunity for other researchers and investigators to apply for grants and research opportunities. Physicians who seek to implement personalized health care and/or collect data on personalized primary care are welcome to contact us with inquiries.

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