Student Interns

Current Interns

Jackie Lin, Trinity ‘18 is a rising senior studying Biology with a minor in Economics at Duke University. She is originally from Dallas, Texas, but grew up in Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing. Summer ‘16, Jackie spent two months in Togo evaluating the efficacy of a micro-health insurance program that subsidizes medical care in a small village, which involved both quantitative and qualitative cost-benefit analysis. From this experience, she discovered a passion for improving access to care for those in underprivileged positions – and saw opportunities to accomplish this through economic analyses and policy. This year, she joined the NC Medicaid Reform Advisory Team and evaluated insurance financing mechanisms and health delivery reforms at the state level that could increase the value of care. At the Center, she hopes to explore how personalized medicine can be integrated into policy and improve local delivery of care. In her spare time, she loves all forms of exercise and traveling.

Natalie Moszczynski, Trinity ’18 grew up in Watchung, New Jersey. She is currently in her junior year at Duke University and is majoring in Public Policy and Global Health with a minor in Polish. She is interested specifically in public health, especially in how to better current health care policies, both domestic and international. After volunteering at a hospital for a few years, she became curious about the policies that affected patients and how they were treated. This led her to the Center for Research on Personalized Health Care, which she hopes will help her gain insight into how healthcare evolves and how the community responds to such changes through the Center’s research. She is a fluent Polish speaker and enjoys cooking and fencing on the Duke Varsity team.

Past Interns

Emilie Sohl

Emilie Sohl, Trinity ’17, is a senior from Duke University, currently studying Psychology and Global Health. She is originally from Long Beach, CA, but came to Duke because of the Global Health program and the endless array of opportunities within the university. She is specifically interested in devising more efficient models of healthcare delivery to the general population as well as healthcare reform. Over the summer she worked with a primary care clinic for homeless veterans at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Los Angeles. More specifically she researched the development of an inter-professional team in a primary care setting, as well as the delivery of humanistic care within challenging patient populations. Through this experience, she gained insight into the possible uses of personalized healthcare within the VA, but would like to disseminate the importance and possible uses of personalized healthcare to other private and public health systems. In her spare time she likes to ski, run, and cook. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as trying new restaurants.

img_0578-1-copy-3Gary Wang, Trinity ’19 is a sophomore from Bothell, WA studying Neuroscience and Health Policy at Duke University. As a pre-medical student, he has always loved the sciences, but through coursework and clinical experiences has realized that health care is more than just the science of medicine – it is also an industry driven by policy and business decisions. This understanding has led him to become interested in exploring domestic health policy solutions to reduce system costs while increasing quality of care. In particular, he is excited to explore how different stakeholders can be incentivized to integrate personalized health care into existing health systems. He believes that through preventative and proactive measures, personalized healthcare has the ability to provide a superior model of care that truly puts the patient first. In his free time, Gary enjoys running, singing, and binge watching TV dramas with friends.

Emma Achola

Emma Achola, Trinity ’17 is a senior from Juliette, Georgia majoring in Public Policy Studies at Duke University. Her interest in health care began with pre-medical studies but quickly morphed into a desire to leverage policy decisions to improve our nation’s health care system. This past summer, she interned at Children’s National Medical Center where she worked to integrate mental health practices into primary care clinics and tackle the effects of toxic stress in children and families in D.C. Through this experience, she came to understand the role of patient-centered health care in the move towards a more value-based system. She also saw the power in using health care as a tool for social change. She also enjoys spending time with her friends and family and dismantling systems that oppress marginalized identities.

Lauren Nahouraii, Student InternLauren Nahouraii, Trinity ’17 was born and raised in North Carolina. She is currently a rising senior at Duke University majoring in Economics and is working on her thesis focusing on health economics. While interning on the National Academy of Medicine’s Roundtable for Translating Genomics for Health Care last summer, she became interested in precision medicine, an innovative approach to disease prevention and treatment that takes into account individual differences in people’s genes, environments, and lifestyles. She is excited to work with the Center for Research on Personalized Health Care in order to explore how a patient-centered approach to care can improve health outcomes for patients. At the Center, she is working on a cost-effectiveness analysis of shared medical appointments which allow patients greater access to their doctor. In her free time, Lauren enjoys baking, dancing, and volunteering with kids.

Kelsey Sicard, Student Intern

Kelsey Sicard, Trinity ’18 grew up in a small town in Maine. She is entering her junior studying Public Policy and Statistics. Her specific interest in domestic healthcare policy began in a class during which she studied the interaction between current biomedical practices and patient cultural and personal beliefs. She is excited to explore healthcare models that treat patients as whole and individual beings, focusing on all aspects of their health during care. She is also interested in learning how medical data can be collected and utilized to improve care on an individual basis. In her free time, Kelsey enjoys finding new places to hike around North Carolina and tutoring children in local elementary schools.

Wendy Ji
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Class of 2017
Public Policy, concentration in Global and U.S. Health Policy
Minor in Business Administration

Rosie Wood
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Class of 2016
Peace, War and Defense (PWAD), Political Science

Sierra Reid
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Class of 2016
Public Policy, Anthropology
Minor in Medical Anthropology

Phoebe Long
Duke University, Trinity College, Class of 2015
Public Policy Studies, Psychology

Shelley Chen
Duke University, Trinity College, Class of 2015

Ellen Soskin
Duke University, Trinity College, Class of 2016
Public Policy Studies
Minor in Chinese