Student Interns

Current Student Interns

Kathryn Howley, Trinity ’20, is a sophomore at Duke University majoring in Economics and Global Health. Originally from the Northern Virginia area, she interned at a real estate private equity fund over the summer, where she was able to analyze a healthcare investment portfolio. As a result, she became interested in the business and economic implications of health policy. She sees the work at the Center for Research on Personalized Health Care as an intersection between her interests in economic systems and public health issues. She is particularly excited to explore how personalized healthcare can be integrated into existing models of delivery to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. In her spare time, Kathryn enjoys running, volunteering with kids, Patriots football, and of course, Duke basketball.

Harrison Labban, Trinity ’20, is a sophomore from High Point, North Carolina studying Neuroscience with minors in Chemistry and Medical Sociology at Duke University.  He is a pre-medical student; however, it was through independent journalism projects that he became fascinated with the delivery of the solutions he was accustomed to studying in the classroom and laboratory.  This led him to the Center for Research on Personalized Health Care, where he hopes his experiences will aide him in developing a more holistic understanding of healthcare and the patient experience.  He is excited to explore healthcare models that care for patients as unique individuals, focusing on all aspects of their health during care.  In his spare time, he enjoys writing and traveling.
Arbre’ya Lewis, Trinity ’18, is a senior from Marion, SC. She created her own major after discovering her passion for health communication. She honed into studying personalized healthcare by intertwining her love for television with public health issues. The title of her program at Duke University is Visualizing Medicine: The Role of the Media in Healthcare Communication. She is working on a senior distinction project that focuses on the social determinants of mental health stigma, specifically relating to mental illness portrayals of black men in scripted television. Arbre’ya is really looking forward to working at the Center to get hands-on experience with research and personal healthcare application. In the future, she would love to make an impact on the interpersonal relationships between healthcare professionals and patients, by teaching how to implement personalized health communication tactics. As noted before, she loves television – especially binge-watching Netflix shows during her free time – and traveling.

Jackie Lin, Trinity ‘18, is a senior studying Biology with a minor in Economics at Duke University. She is originally from Dallas, Texas, but grew up in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Beijing. Summer ‘16, Jackie spent two months in Togo evaluating the efficacy of a micro-health insurance program that subsidizes medical care in a small village, which involved both quantitative and qualitative cost-benefit analysis. From this experience, she discovered a passion for improving access to care for those in underprivileged positions – and saw opportunities to accomplish this through economic analysis and policymaking. This year, she joined the NC Medicaid Reform Advisory Team and evaluated insurance financing mechanisms and health delivery reforms at the state level that could increase the value of care. At the Center, she hopes to explore how personalized medicine can be integrated into policy and improve local delivery of care. In her spare time, she loves all forms of exercise and traveling.

Natalie Moszczynski, Trinity ’18, grew up in Watchung, New Jersey. She is currently in her senior year at Duke University and is majoring in Public Policy and Global Health with a minor in Polish. She is interested specifically in public health, especially in how to better current health care policies, both domestic and international. After volunteering at a hospital for a few years, she became curious about the policies that affected patients and how they were treated. This led her to the Center for Research on Personalized Health Care, which she hopes will help her gain insight into how healthcare evolves and how the community responds to such changes through the Center’s research. She is a fluent Polish speaker and enjoys cooking and fencing on the Duke Varsity team.

Former Student Interns

Gary Wang  
Duke University, Trinity College, Class of 2019, Neuroscience, Health Policy 

Kelsey Sicard
Duke University, Trinity College, Class of 2018, Public Policy, Statistics

Emma Achola
Duke University, Trinity College, Class of 2017, Public Policy 

Wendy Ji
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Class of 2017, Public Policy, concentration in Global & U.S. Health Policy, Minor in Business Administration

 Lauren Nahouraii
Duke University, Trinity College, Class of 2017, Economic, concentration in Health Economics

Emilie Sohl
Duke University, Trinity College, Class of 2017, Psychology, Global Health

Sierra Reid
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Class of 2016, Public Policy, Anthropology, Minor in Medical Anthropology

Ellen Soskin
Duke University, Trinity College, Class of 2016, Public Policy Studies, Minor in Chinese

    Rosie Wood
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Class of 2016, Peace, War, & Defense,                  Political Science

Shelley Chen
Duke University, Trinity College, Class of 2015, Economics 

Phoebe Long
Duke University, Trinity College, Class of 2015, Public Policy Studies, Psychology