Personalized Health Care

What Is It?

Personalized health care (PHC) is an overarching framework for care that unifies predictive technologies with an engaged patient to coordinate care with the primary aim of promoting health and preventing disease. PHC focuses on patient-centered health care, personalized health planning (PHP), shared decision-making, and patient engagement. It seeks to remedy spending on chronic care by encouraging healthy behavior and planning.

The Personalized Health Care Approach:
personalized, predictive, preventive, and participatory.

Personalized health care tries to address disease before it occurs. It engages you in your health care decision-making. Each person has their own health risks, lifestyle choices, and goals for their health. This is why personalizing care to the individual is important.

In order to personalize care, medical professionals look your entire health, not just whether or not you have a disease. This comprehensive evaluation of the entire person includes all of the areas of your life that impact your health, such as nutrition, personal relationships, stress, exercise, and your mind-body connection. It also means that your health care team works well together to address your health goals.

In our model, patients are given the opportunity to engage with their own health by identifying areas in their life where they are motivated to make changes for their health. During initial visits, physicians assess the patients’ risk including family history, genetic markers, lifestyle habits, and other biometric data during the appointment. Then, the physician and patient work to create a timeline for health improvement. Health coaches and nurses monitor the patients’ progress and help them meet their health goals.