Current Projects

Personalized Health Planning in Shared Medical Appointments for Individuals with Type II Diabetes – Pilot Study

db7918684872a56d2ff488dfe42fdebaCenter for Research on Personalized Health Care researchers Caroline Meade, Connor Drake, and Dr. Ralph Snyderman are coordinating with Dr. Sharon Hull and the Duke Family Medicine Center on a personalized health planning pilot study. This project examines feasibility of implementing an evidence-based patient engagement strategy, known as personalized health planning (PHP), in a primary care setting, in the context of a shared medical appointment (SMA) for individuals with type II diabetes. The secondary aim is to collect preliminary efficacy and cost effectiveness data on this specific approach to shared medical appointments.

To accomplish this, a combined diabetes PHP SMA will be held and compared to the standard diabetes SMA that is currently being conducted at Duke Family Medicine Center. Studies have shown that personalized health planning is an effective mechanism for improving health outcomes by involving the patient in their care through measurable goals and a behavioral support system to accomplish them. They have also demonstrated success in managing symptoms of disease, increased knowledge, and greater satisfaction with care among patients.

The pilot study will collect valuable data on feasibility of concept, cost, and efficacy in improving health via the successful management of diabetes to improve outcomes in an economical manner. The study will help further elucidate the mechanisms by which the personalized health planning process can be customized for implementation in a group-based model of care.

This work is partially funded by the American Association of Medical Colleges’ Clinical Care Innovation Pilot Awards for 2016. The Clinical Care Innovation (CCI) Awards recognize and support the efforts of teaching hospitals and academic medical centers in advancing care delivery and improving quality through the integration of education and research.

Personalized Health Planning and Patient-Centered Care in a Primary Care Clinical Setting

VHA_OPCCCenter for Research on Personalized Health Care researchers Dr. Leigh Ann Simmons, Connor Drake, and Director Dr. Ralph Snyderman received funding from the Veterans Health Administration’s Office of Patient Centered Care and Cultural Transformation to study the feasibility of incorporating personalized health planning (PHP) into the clinical setting. In partnership with VA clinics in Boston, MA and Bonham, TX, five inpatient and primary care VA clinics in the two different geographic regions customized the personalized health planning process, incorporating the tenets of PHP into their workflow and clinical encounters with patients. Each site also developed a process for patient follow-up and shared goal setting.

Providers and clinical staff reported that a great strength of the PHP process was that it fostered a deeper connection between the patient and their care team, and was helpful in coordinating VHA resources to deliver more comprehensive care. Clinical sites took a major first step towards integrating personalized and patient centered care into a busy clinical workflow by developing a data template to capture patient’s personalized health plans in the electronic health record to streamline process and coordinate care.

Currently, the center is also advising a similar Personalized Health Planning in a Primary Care Setting quality improvement research project being planned at the VHA Hillandale Road Clinic I in Durham, NC. Similar to the pilots in Boston and Bonham, this study is examining how personalized and proactive approaches to primary care can be incorporated into busy clinics.

US-DeptOfVeteransAffairsLogoTo learn more about the Department of Veteran’s Affairs approach to personalized health care and patient-centered care, please visit the the VA’s Patient-Centered Care page.

Research at the Center

The Center is currently working on multiple projects in quality improvement to study the feasibility of integrating Personalized Health Care into ongoing clinical settings. Please see Current Projects for further details.

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