Shared Medical Appointments

Personalized Health Planning in Shared Medical Appointments for Individuals with Type II Diabetes

– Pilot Study and Implementation Manual

Pilot Study

db7918684872a56d2ff488dfe42fdebaCenter for Research on Personalized Health Care researchers Caroline Meade, Connor Drake, and Dr. Ralph Snyderman worked with Dr. Sharon Hull and the Duke Family Medicine Center to pilot Personalized Health Planning Shared Medical Appointments. This project examined feasibility of implementing an evidence-based patient engagement strategy, known as personalized health planning (PHP), in the context of a shared medical appointment (SMA) for individuals with type II diabetes. We also collected preliminary efficacy and cost effectiveness data on this specific approach to shared medical appointments.

A PHP SMA was held and compared to the standard diabetes SMA that was being offered at Duke Family Medicine Center. The pilot work helped further elucidate the mechanisms by which the personalized health planning process can be customized for implementation in a group-based model of care.

This work is partially funded by the American Association of Medical Colleges’ Clinical Care Innovation Pilot Awards for 2016. The Clinical Care Innovation (CCI) Awards recognize and support the efforts of teaching hospitals and academic medical centers in advancing care delivery and improving quality through the integration of education and research.

Implementation Manual

The Center has created a manual to support the implementation of personalized health planning in a Shared Medical Appointment. The manual describes the PHP SMA program in detail, and provides assistance for clinics to offer the PHP SMA to their patients. It includes:

    • Suggestions for initiating the practice change required for SMAs
    • A detailed guide to PHP within the SMA
    • An SMA implementation checklist
    • Information about recruiting, referring, and retaining patients
    • Staffing requirements and care team competencies
    • Templates for calculating the cost of the PHP SMA to a practice
    • Suggestions for data collection to inform quality improvement

Accessing the manual

The following links will connect you with the manual and accompanying documents. If interested in seeing the full curriculum for the PHP SMA (session scripts and participant notebook) please contact us at

Personalized Health Planning in a Shared Medical Appointment: Implementation Manual 

Whole Health Self-Assessment

Personal Health Plan

SMA Financial Feasibility Model

Cost Analysis Example

Suggested citation: Meade C, Drake C, Hull SK, Snyderman R. Personalized Health Planning in a Shared Medical Appointment: An Implementation Manual for Delivering Personalized, Proactive, Patient-Centered Care in a Group Setting. Duke Center for Research on Personalized Health Care. May 2017.

Personalized Health Planning in a Shared Medical Appointment: An Implementation Manual for Delivering Personalized, Proactive, Patient-Centered Care in a Group Setting by Caroline Meade, Connor Drake, Sharon Hull, Ralph Snyderman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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