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If States Opt-Out of the ACA, Will They Opt-In to Creating Better Models of Care?

Earlier this week, President Obama indicated his support for legislation that would let States opt-out of the Accountable Care Act in 2014 rather than in 2017. The President stipulated that States would be free to provide their own approaches for

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Personalized health records promote horizontal integration within ACOs

ACOs, or Accountable Care Organizations, continue to be a hot discussion topic in health care reform. In the current issue of JAMA, Duke’s own Barak Richman and Kevin Schulman provide a unique business perspective on the implementation of ACOs. One

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Controversy over reform – what’s the deal?

By Sanjay Kishore: While healthcare has already become a firestorm of controversy for the Obama Administration, the President’s recent reform bill received another blow this past week – once again, from the courts. As reported by the New York Times

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State of the Union: Health care debate continues

Despite reassurances from the President in Tuesday’s State of the Union Address that the Affordable Care Act will slow rising health care costs, debate on the health care law didn’t skip a beat come Wednesday morning on Capitol Hill. The

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Medicare Jumpstarts Wellness and Prevention Efforts

As of January 1st of this year, Medicare must now provide free annual wellness visits and personalized prevention plans to their beneficiaries as stipulated by PPACA. An article by Francine Russo in this month’s Time Magazine discusses what these wellness

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The ghost of past, present, and future health care – cost.

On Christmas Eve, Uwe Reinhardt posted a piece which raised a familiar ghost of healthcare past, present, and future: cost. The post reminds us that between 2000 and 2009, Medicare spending on physician services per beneficiary rose a whopping 61

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PPACA Uncertainty but the Central Issue Remains

Earlier this week, a Virginia judge ruled a key provision of PPACA to be unconstitutional. The individual mandate, requiring the purchase of health insurance by all is a key requirement within PPACA that provides the financial resources to support other

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To fix our economy, we must reform health care delivery

The dominant political debate of the day regards the form of tax legislation needed to prevent major tax increases beginning in January 2011. Underlying this debate is the weakness of our economy and the loss of employment for so many

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All the tests in the world don’t mean much without a plan

I recently spoke to a representative from the Indian Health Service about “personalized medicine” in federal initiatives. Of particular note, I mentioned during the course of our conversation that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act includes two stipulations for

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Debating Health Care Reform: more talk, little action

Recently, the Duke University chapter of the Benjamin Rush society held a debate on health care reform. Moderated by Dr. Christopher J. Conover, the topic was, “How does America achieve affordable, accessible, quality healthcare?” Debate participants included Sally Pipes, Dr.

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