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Avoiding a Health Care Bubble

The recent report from the Department of Labor showing that the United States economy added just 69,000 jobs in May was met with surprise and disappointment and has had an immediate effect on the presidential campaign as well as the

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On-the-job health care clinics – the near future of Prospective Health Care?

A recent story in the Washing Post reported that an increasing number of employers are starting to implement on-the-job primary care clinics for their employees. These clinics typically offer free or inexpensive primary care onsite for employees during work hours,

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Paul Krugman Gets It Wrong: The Consumer Should be the Boss in Health Care

In a New York Times editorial of April 21, 2011, Paul Krugman writes, “Patients are Not Consumers” then derides proposals to voucher Medicare as he feels this would turn patients into consumers. While not addressing the wisdom of vouchers for

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Health care reform and the deficit – it’s about more than dollars and cents

As Congress hashes out the details of the budget deal made late last Friday night, my husband and I are hashing out some of our own financials from my son’s hospitalization six weeks ago. It’s quite timely, considering select lawmakers’

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State of the Union: Health care debate continues

Despite reassurances from the President in Tuesday’s State of the Union Address that the Affordable Care Act will slow rising health care costs, debate on the health care law didn’t skip a beat come Wednesday morning on Capitol Hill. The

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The ghost of past, present, and future health care – cost.

On Christmas Eve, Uwe Reinhardt posted a piece which raised a familiar ghost of healthcare past, present, and future: cost. The post reminds us that between 2000 and 2009, Medicare spending on physician services per beneficiary rose a whopping 61

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To fix our economy, we must reform health care delivery

The dominant political debate of the day regards the form of tax legislation needed to prevent major tax increases beginning in January 2011. Underlying this debate is the weakness of our economy and the loss of employment for so many

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